Investor Relations & Marketing Support

Standard Investor Relations

  • Reviewing investor materials and coordinating distribution with administrator
  • Processing and verifying investor subscriptions, redemptions and transfers
  • Handling standard daily investor needs
  • Maintaining database with historical performance and AUM
  • Maintaining investor lists and documenting activity

Comprehensive Investor Relations/Marketing Support

  • Conducting ongoing investor servicing, such as coordinating and participating in conference calls, reviewing monthly distribution materials, and responding to investor queries
  • Updating applicable investor facing materials, including Pitchbook, Tearsheet/Overview, Performance Reports, Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQs) and other applicable materials
  • Integrating risk data and P&L data for investor marketing and/or reporting purposes
  • Coordinating ParkRiver personnel participation and follow up in operational due diligence meetings with investors or prospects
  • Leading support marketing process, including making investor introductions, sending offering materials and other diligence items to prospects, and assisting in the completion of prospective investor RFPs and custom requests