In consultation with a Client’s legal counsel:

Documentation related

  • Revising all constituent documents for domestic and offshore fund products
  • Preparing and negotiating side letters
  • Preparing and negotiating investment advisory agreements for managed accounts
  • Coordinating board meetings for offshore entities and preparing associated minutes
  • Preparing board resolutions to document official board authorizations for necessary actions
  • Monitoring subscription/redemption activities to ensure compliance with the 25% ERISA threshold
  • Negotiating account opening documentation for applicable funds and managed accounts
  • Reviewing agreements with other applicable counterparties
  • Reviewing platform documentation as applicable

Management Company and GP related

  • Preparing and negotiating employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, and employee releases and severance agreements
  • Coordinating background checks on potential hires
  • Preparing and negotiating term sheets and additional documentation regarding customized manager involved transactions

Investor related

  • Preparing and negotiating confidentiality agreements with prospective investors
  • Reviewing investor facing materials
  • Reviewing manager investor communications
  • Preparing responses to customized investor requests and questions