• Executing a daily trade, proceed, and position reconciliation to the prime brokers and FCMs
  • Investigating and amending any trade discrepancies
  • Processing OTC confirmations and confirming with counterparties
  • Reviewing and executing daily settlements with OTC counterparties
  • Daily reviewing of all exchange traded international equity positions
  • Coordinating account opening for new trading relationships
  • Sending customized trade, position and P&L reports to managed account holders
  • Implementing automated trade allocation tool for fund and pari passu investment vehicles
  • Providing rebalancing reports for pari passu investment vehicles
  • Drafting and implementing a formal allocation policy

Middle Office

  • Providing end of day portfolio pricing
  • Producing & reviewing daily P&L
  • Verifying monthly pricing for non-exchange traded positions
  • Setting up and maintaining security
  • Processing daily corporate actions
  • Drafting and implementing a formal valuation policy
  • Providing P&L and portfolio analytics through internet access to the ParkRiver Client Portal