Management Company and GP Taxes

In consultation with a client’s tax advisors:

  • Coordinating with manager’s personal tax accountants
  • Coordinating management company tax returns

U.S. Tax Compliance

  • Preparing and reviewing annual taxable income/loss analysis
  • Analyzing realized and unrealized trading P&L to determine tax character
  • Working with Administrator to determine proper classification of Fund for tax purposes
  • Preparing tax allocation and K-1s for partner distributions before April 15th each year
  • Preparing annual tax estimates for distribution before year end
  • Coordinating annual tax return, including proper disclosures related to foreign entities and any tax shelter reporting requirements
  • Working with audit team to provide FIN 48 analysis to determine any uncertain tax positions
  • Promptly responding to investor questions related to K-1s, PFICs and tax estimates
  • Responding to tax-related investor queries